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SRS Blueprinted 411

If air pockets are left in the system, water may not circulate and the engine will overheat. If your racing and/or track rules permit, use Redline Water Wetter in the cooling system to prevent corrosion.
SRS power sends Steven Rougeou to victory in Daytona PDF Print E-mail
Written by Erik Kullenberg   
Friday, 26 February 2016 08:25

SRS power sends Steven Rougeou to victory in DaytonaThe Stock Honda from SRS gave Rougeou the roadrace power to win WKA'S prestigious Daytona Championships December 29,2015.

Last Updated on Friday, 26 February 2016 08:38
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Danny Formal, SRS Engines, DRT Racing team up to sweep S1 at Supernationals XIX
Sunday, 22 November 2015 00:00

Danny Formal, SRS Engines, and DRT sweep the S1 Class at 2015 SKUSA SuperNatsThe mild dry days provided the setting for great racing during the SKUSA Supernationls XIX at the Las Vegas Convention Center. With the weather variable eliminated all the capabilities of the driver, kart and engine could be put to the track test. The Danny Formal, SRS Engines, DRT team passed the test with high marks.

DRT and Formal put the chassis on rails during the practice the sessions while the SRS engine jetting for the track and weather conditions was learned. Then after practice maximum performance was unleashed for qualification. At the end of the qualifications in a field of past Supernats winning teams and drivers Danny sat at the top of S1 by nearly 3 tenths of a second...

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   Welcome To SRS Engines!

SRS Kart Racing Engines - John Sefcik & Adrian Carrio on the grid at the 2003 SKUSA ProMoto at Texas Motor Speedway

SRS Engines is the first of its kind, a National Level Race Kart Engine Builder in Texas. Since its inception in 1998 SRS Engines has evolved into a top tuner of Stock Honda CR125 engines for shifter karts, Yamaha KT100 engines for clutch karts and IAME Parilla Leopard and Gazelle Touch and Go (TaG) karts.

Untold hours of dyno tuning and track testing have resulted in engine packages that power national event winners. 2008 SKUSA Supernational through 2011 Springnational winners can testify that SRS Engines builds fast Honda CR125’s that have the power and reliability to win national and regional races. SRS prides itself on delivering engines that duplicate those setups to all its customers.

2001 Honda CR125 Power Unleashed PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Sefcik   
Monday, 27 February 2012 00:00

SRS Engines Offers 2001 Honda CR125 Power Valve Plugs

Honda CR125 1999 to 2001 cylinder power valve plug

Top performing, precision, investment cast power valve plugs for the 2001 CR125 cylinder are now available from SRS Engines.

The shape of the exhaust duct in the 2001 cylinder is critical to power production. The stock 2001 power valve shape sacrifices peak power to give the engine a broad motocross power band that has good response as low as 6000 rpm. Since stock 125 shifter karts operate above11000 rpm most of the time, they can ignore low rpm power in trade for power gains above 11000 rpm...

Last Updated on Wednesday, 07 March 2012 09:24
NEWSFLASH - SRS Drivers Bring The Heat In Tucson!
Tuesday, 10 May 2011 00:00

SRS Prepared stock Honda Engines powered 10 drivers to podium finishes at the recent SKUSA SpringNationals in Tucson, Arizona.

Separate race programs on Saturday and Sunday produced 5 winners in the Stock Honda classes and a very dominating 5 pole positions were captured in qualifying.

We would like to take a moment to spotlight the following drivers and their teams for a fantastic start to the new 2011 race season:

SRS Engines Hybrid Float-Twin Pump Carb System PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Sefcik   
Tuesday, 12 April 2011 16:30

Superior Fuel Delivery Unveiled

The All New SRS Engines Hybrid Float-Twin Pump Carb System

SRS Shifter Kart Engines - Hybrid Carb System - Better Fuel Delivery!Testing is complete and the results are exceptional. Relative to the twin pump fuel re-circulating systems traditionally used today in SKUSA stock CR125 shifter karts, the new SRS Engines Hybrid Float-Twin Pump Re-circulating System performs better in every track test and dyno test we ran.

On the dyno the new SRS Hybrid system with the stock Keihin PWM38 carburetor showed a horsepower increase of 0.5 between 11000 and 12000 rpm with no negative side effects through the power range. The increase comes from refined control of the fuel mixture (i.e. the richness or leanness relative to rpm). In the former twin pump systems, the main jet and pilot jet could be used to alter the mixture curve to gain more performance in parts of the rpm range but not all. The SRS Hybrid system utilizes the stock float assembly to limit the fuel level in the float bowl to achieve the optimal fuel mixture throughout the power band.

Last Updated on Friday, 03 February 2012 19:44
Thursday, 10 September 2009 00:00

Hawkins, Texas. – 10 September 2009 - The dominant driving style of Jordon Musser was on display this weekend as he piloted his SRS Powered Stock Honda Shifter Kart to a flawless, flag-to-flag victory in the King of the Streets Feature Race at the Rock Island Grand Prix.  Along with Musser, fellow SRS powered drivers Chris Jennings and Nick Lucido were amongst the contenders  taking on the challenging  6/10ths of a mile temporary road course set on the streets of downtown Rock Island, Illinois. Despite the best efforts of fellow SRS powered drivers Chris Jennings, Nick Lucido and some of the best racers in the country, Musser would be untouchable taking the crown in the premiere class.


SRS Stock Honda CR125 vs. "Blueprinted" ICC! E-mail

Drivers have good days and they have bad days, so we won't make any real conclusions from this great in-kart video footage.  However, it is good fun to see how the two powerplants compare in a head-to-head duel!


Click the video to the right to see Jordon Musser's SRS Powered Honda CR125 take on the field at the SWRC #8 Race, held recently at Gulf Coast Kartway in Katy, Texas.  When you're finished watching some great racing, contact us about setting up your SRS Powered epic race!


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Jordon Musser You Tube Video - Stock Honda CR125 vs Blueprinted ICC
SRS Engines to Team Up with MJDrive Super Kart Challenge

Michael Johnson - MJDrive Super Kart ChallengeSRS Engines will be teaming up with the all new MJDrive Super Kart Challenge to supply power in the form of the engine builder’s Stock Honda CR125. Founded by expert racing driver and instructor Michael Johnson, the MJDrive Super Kart Challenge puts drivers behind the wheel of a world class 125cc shifter kart and provides them with coaching to get the most out of themselves and the ultra powerful shifter kart.


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