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SRS Blueprinted 411

Maxima 927, Burris Blend, Amsoil Dominator, Redline Kart Racing oil mixed @ 6-9 oz per gallon of fuel give excellent lubrication, low deposit formation, and eliminate ring sticking. Consult specific engine instruction pages for details.

Yamaha KT100


Yamaha KT100 Kart Engine LogoThese engines are precision blueprinted to strict tolerances for alignment and component fit to achieve maximum performance.


Yamaha Heavy/Light - Junior 1 - Super Sportsman

Ten years of testing and race results have proven the SRS cylinder position and head configuration for these classes to be the winning combination for tracks across the country. These engines are especially sensitive to ring seal and friction drag. SRS has perfected techniques and setups to address these issues to let the power flow to the rear wheels.


Call 903-769-4140 for details and prcing.


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1 Instructions for SRS Prepared Yamaha KT100 Engines with Clutch & Tuned Pipe John Sefcik 24905
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3 Instructions for SRS Prepared Junior 1 Class KT100 Engines with W55A Carburetor and RLV 4-Hole Can Exhaust John Sefcik 13220
4 Diaphragm Carb Operation John Sefcik 15546

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