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"SRS has been a part of our racing program since 2004 when Jake finished 2nd in his first KART National. Through the years SRS engines have always delivered, so for the “fastest S5 Shifter driver in the country” Jake French Racing will stick with SRS power!"

Mark & Jake French  

Monday, 29 June 2009 00:00

Hawkins, Texas. – 26 June 2009 - In motorsport many elements make up the final performance package; driver, tires, chassis and engine. In road racing with wide open circuits the engine’s significance is even more important in the quest for ultimate performance.  This was certainly the case at Eagles Canyon raceway, the 2.5 mile road course set in the north Texas hills and site of the 2009 IKF Road Racing Grand Nationals. With over two hundred entrants traveling from around the United States the event would be especially important to SRS Engines to prove the power level and continue development of the SRS Engine portfolio against the best road racers in the country.

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Your SRS Stock Honda CR125 Is Waiting!

SRS Stock Honda CR125 Engine
Why pay more money for a Stock Honda CR125 package, so you can finish behind an SRS customer? Whether you're in Vegas or Texas, that just doesn't compute!

The SRS Engines Stock Honda CR125 setup was painstakingly dyno developed to locate those hard to find tenths of a horsepower that various tuning combinations can make. When all the SRS increments of power are added together, the result is SuperNationals winning performance for both the SKUSA S4 and S5 classes.

Each stock Honda CR125 is serialized and meticulously assembled to insure that critical tuning dimensions are held within tight tolerances. This insures legality and consistent performance. A log is kept for each engine that contains notes of those critical tuning dimensions when the engine is built and each time the engine is serviced at SRS. Each Stock Honda CR125 is built as good as it can be and SRS service keeps it that way.

If you want to own the SuperNationals or any other podium like SRS equipped drivers do, call 972-365-4394 now!

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