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Use the SRS Technical Library to stay current on updates, instructions and tips that will help you own your next race.


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  • SRS Announcements
  • 100cc Kart Engines
    Technical and how-to articles relating to all 100cc 2-stroke kart racing engines.  Yamaha KT100, senior and junior classes, old school, new school, etc...
  • Karting Engine Rules
    Technical articles relating to rules and their impact on all kart racing engines.  Keep up-to-date, so you don't get DQ'd!
  • Shifter Kart Engines
    Shifter kart technical articles.  Stock shifters, 80cc shifter engines and 125cc engines.  Everything from carb adjustments to proper shift points.
  • TaG Kart Engines
    Touch-and-Go kart racing technical articles.  IAME Leopard, Rotax, Sonik engines to name a few.
  • All Karting Engines
    Technical articles relating to all areas of kart racing.

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