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SRS Blueprinted 411

Increasing the octane level does not gain a performance advantage in the S3 spec Hondas, but prevents engine damage from detonation.  Preventing the engine damage from detonation by increasing the octane level of the fuel will keep the current performance level, but reduce the spec Hondas' top end maintenance cost without changing the engine rules.
SRS Stock Honda CR125 vs. "Blueprinted" ICC! E-mail

Drivers have good days and they have bad days, so we won't make any real conclusions from this great in-kart video footage.  However, it is good fun to see how the two powerplants compare in a head-to-head duel!


Click the video to the right to see Jordon Musser's SRS Powered Honda CR125 take on the field at the SWRC #8 Race, held recently at Gulf Coast Kartway in Katy, Texas.  When you're finished watching some great racing, contact us about setting up your SRS Powered epic race!


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Jordon Musser You Tube Video - Stock Honda CR125 vs Blueprinted ICC

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